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Tech News Today 19: When Horseboy Attacks

by TWiT

Published June 25, 2010

Jobs to iPhone 4 users: "Hold Different"; Hulu subscription service nears; MeeGo usurps Symbian; Facebook declares war on Google; and more.

Run time 43:54
Producer TWiT
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Tom Merritt
Sarah Lane
Erik Lanigan
Guest: Patrick Beja



Hulu subscription services coming soon

Hulu coming to PS3 and other devices

Nokia to use Meego for their phones

U.S. President gets an internet kill switch

Majority of iPhone4 sales were upgrades

Steve Jobs shows you how to hold an iPhone4

Facebook goes after Google with Open Graph

Google kills Android apps remotely

Horseboy found in U.K. by Google Street View

Amputees get prosthetic flippers for swimming

Gamers raising money by playing Mario

Voicemail from Clayton about EA sale conspiracy

Email from //Rick about opting out of iAds

Email from Sasha about Steve Jobs advice on holding the iPhone4


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